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What Maintenance Does a Water Heater Need?

Why Maintenance Matters

water heater service massachuestts Water heating accounts for a lot of your home’s energy costs. In fact, for the average home, heating water is responsible for up to 30% of the home’s energy costs. Think about how much your water heater does for your Newburyport-area household. You depend on it for warm and hot water for bathing, laundry, washing dishes, washing hands, and more. And the winter season is when your water heater has to work even harder. That’s because it’s in a colder environment, the water it needs to heat is starting off colder, and your household is probably using more hot water.

Given the large impact heating water has on your energy bills each month, it’s extremely important to have a water heater that’s as efficient as possible. Otherwise you’ll be losing money and energy due to lower efficiency.

The best way to keep your water heater running at peak efficiency is to see that it receives regular professional maintenance. One annual maintenance visit for your water heater will save you money all year long.

Lombardi Energy services offers a water heater service plan as an add-on to our other service plans. Our water heater service plan includes an annual tune-up and 15% off parts and labor costs (other than a system replacement).

Water Heater Maintenance

Maintenance is an integral part of keeping your water heater running as efficiently as possible. And Lombardi Energy can take care of all your oil-fired water heater needs. What does a water heater need in terms of maintenance? Let’s take a closer look.

Tankless water heaters need to be cleaned as a means of offsetting the effects of hard water. Any buildup of minerals in your water heater can lower its efficiency and longevity. Hard water doesn’t have to be common in your area for a mineral build-up to occur. All tap water contains minerals that can accumulate over time.

Conventional or storage water heaters require more maintenance than tankless water heaters. They need to be flushed twice a year (more often if there’s a hard water issue). The tank needs to be drained and emptied of sediment. Regular checks need to be made to for leaks, the anode must be checked, and the temperature release valve needs to be tested.

Don’t take your water heater for granted. It’s too important a part of your North Shore-area home. In addition to helping it run efficiently, maintenance for your water heater will also minimize the need for repairs. Let Lombardi Energy Services keep your water heater in top working order. Or let us help you upgrade to a new and more efficient system. You can depend on us for all your oil-fired water heater needs. We handle water heater installation, maintenance, and repair.

Delivering Comfort

Lombardi Energy Services delivers comfort to our customers in Northeastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Whether you need a new water heater or simply want the water heater you already have maintained or repaired so it’s running optimally, we’re here to help.

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