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Water Heater Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Depend on Lombardi Energy to take care of all of your oil-fired water heater needs

water heater installation newburyport maHaving consistent heat and plenty of hot water is part of what makes your Newburyport-area home a comfortable place to be. When you choose Lombardi Energy for your oil-fired water heater installation—direct for furnaces and indirect for boilers—our reliable team will help you decide on the right option for your home based on your household’s water needs and your budget.

Home Energy Costs: How Hot Water Fits In
It may come as a surprise, but up to 30% of the average household’s energy costs are to cover heating water. From cooking, to laundry, to washing dishes and, of course, bathing, the hot water is running all the time! This makes it even more important to ensure that you have the right size and most efficient water heater possible for your Northeastern, MA, or Southern, NH, home.

If you’re in need of a water heater repair or water heater maintenance, contact us and we’ll help you out. The best way to handle maintenance is with a service plan. You can get a water heater service plan as an add-on when you have one of our other service plans. When you sign up for a water heater service plan you’ll get an annual tune-up, which will offer you the peace of mind you deserve throughout the year. You’ll also get 15% off on any parts and labor (other than a system replacement). This will help minimize the need for other repairs and will keep your water heater running smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you need a new water heater or would simply like to have your equipment repaired or maintained, contact us and let us know what you need! Lombardi Energy is here to help you with all of your heating needs in your North Shore–area home.