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Bioheat® Oil Delivery in Newburyport and Surrounding Areas

Reliable and convenient, Bioheat® fuel delivery makes your life easier

bioheat oil deliveryLombardi Energy proudly offers reliable delivery of premium Bioheat® heating oil to customers across the greater Newburyport, MA, area. If you currently heat with oil, you’ll be glad to learn that Bioheat® heating oil is a renewable, clean, safe and domestic biofuel. And Lombardi Energy guarantees prompt, reliable service. Together, they create a perfect combination.

Automatic Delivery
We offer prompt, worry-free automatic delivery within our service area in Northeastern MA and Southern NH. Take the hassle out of your home heating oil delivery and set up automatic delivery for Bioheat® heating oil.

How It Works
Our computerized system monitors what’s happening with the weather, and keeps track of your heating oil use. This is how we know when to schedule your deliveries. When we see that you’re due for a delivery, we’ll contact you and schedule a time to come to your home.

Benefits of Automatic Delivery
When you sign up for automatic delivery, you won’t have to check your tank to see the fuel level or call for deliveries. And you’ll never have to worry about a run-out and emergency delivery costs again.

Help Us Help You
Once you’re getting automatic deliveries, it’s important for us to know if your heating requirements change in any way. For example, if there’s a new baby or long-term guest in your home, that will change the amount of fuel you need to use on a daily—and monthly—basis. With that information, we can adjust the timing of your deliveries to keep you on track and continue preventing run-outs.

Sign up for automatic delivery today! Simply call or email us and let us know you’re interested in automatic delivery in your Northeastern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire home.