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Upgrade to a High Efficiency Heating System

Now is the best time to get a new boiler or furnace

hvac upgrade massachusettsAs the weather starts to warm up, you might be ready to put winter completely behind you. But now is actually a great time to start thinking about next winter. Spring is a convenient time to upgrade to a high-efficiency heating system that will save you money (and be better for the environment) come next winter.

Be green. Save some green.

Lombardi Energy & Gas stays on top of the latest in heating oil technologies that promote conservation and energy efficiency. When you purchase a high-efficiency heating system, in addition to reaping the benefit of saving on your energy bills, you’ll also be producing fewer emissions, which is good for the environment. So, in addition to saving some green (money), you’ll also be making your home greener (i.e., energy-efficient).

Benefits of a high-efficiency heating system

The newest heating systems are extremely efficient. By upgrading to a new model, you could see your energy consumption decrease by up to 40%. Here are some additional benefits to upgrading your heating system:

  • You’ll have improved comfort control.
  • Your new heating system will operate more safely and efficiently.
  • Your new boiler or furnace will have a longer lifespan than its predecessor.
  • You’ll increase the value of your home
  • Your new heating system will produce fewer emissions.
  • Your new boiler or furnace will operate quietly.
  • You’ll notice lower energy costs and fuel usage.
  • You’ll have superior airflow.
  • You won’t have to worry about a breakdown for a long time (especially if you sign up for a maintenance plan with Lombardi Energy & Gas).

Choose Lombardi Energy & Gas

Now is a great time to upgrade your heating system, and Lombardi Energy & Gas will ensure that you get the best boiler or furnace for your household’s needs. Then one of our professionals will install your new heating system to maximize its efficiency (which will also minimize your energy costs and carbon emissions).

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