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Quality Service and Repair: Protect Your HVAC Investment

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When inviting someone into your home for service and repair on your gas/oil heating or ac system, you want to ensure that you have partnered with a qualified, company that you can trust. We recommend for your safety and comfort, that the company be licensed and insured properly with both General Liability and Workers Compensation. Technicians should be fully licensed and trained, and should arrive in company uniforms—always in a marked company vehicle that’s fully stocked with parts and tools.

HVAC Service and Repair

If you have your fuel oil delivered, reputable companies will take extreme care with safe delivery process for environmental protection of your property. They should offer to check your oil tank to make sure it’s safe for delivery, and be sure that there is an accessible fill pipe and properly working vent whistle. We recommend Bioheat® fuel, a cleaner energy option for your home.

An automatic Bioheat fuel delivery program is also suggested as it ensures that your fuel level doesn’t get too low, potentially stirring up any bottom residue, and clogging up filters. In addition, drivers and routing programs can help to uncover any service issues, no heat issues and excessive usage. All Heat/Hot Water/AC systems should be serviced annually to keep them operating at peak performance while checking all safety features, and helping to prevent more costly breakdowns.

Homeowners Choose Lombardi Energy for their service and repair comfort needs!

If you need Bioheat fuel delivery, service and repairs on heating, hot water or AC, a consult/estimate for an upgrade to your heating system or conversion installation to high efficiency, you can count on us. We commit to offer the best value, with reliable service and installation and top of line quality and expertise. Over the past 60 years, we have kept our service area localized to Newburyport and its surrounding communities so that we can offer quick and efficient service. We have built our business on customer loyalty, referrals and providing unparalleled and quality customer services.

Choose us and count on:

  • Quality gas or oil heating service and repair or installation
  • Quality water heater service and repair, or installation
  • Quality central air conditioning and ductless mini-split heat pump service and repair or installation
  • Value and service that we stand behind
  • Automatic delivery option for Bioheat fuel oil delivery
  • Payment plans on Bioheat fuel oil delivery
  • Option of cap, pre-buy and fixed price oil programs
  • Self-service account access
  • Senior and pay-per-delivery discounts
  • Gas or oil heating service plans, including Annual Maintenance and Oil Tank Insurance
  • 24-hour emergency service for our Bioheat fuel delivery customers and Gas Service Plan Accounts
  • Company is licensed & insured. All in-home service technicians are full-time employees of Lombardi Energy, licensed, trained and have had a full background check
  • Our commitment to exploring new heating and air conditioning technologies to promote energy conservation and efficiency for our customers. Including: Bioheat fuel, high-efficiency gas or oil heating systems, on-demand water heaters, heat pump heating and hot water systems and smart thermostats.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We will offer the best value, with reliable service and installation and top-of-the-line quality and expertise to increase your comfort, convenience and safety. Call us to see how we can help you!

Lombardi Energy is a home heating, AC and fuel oil delivery company, located in Newburyport, MA. Lombardi Energy has been servicing the greater Newburyport community for over 60 years, offering personal quality service. Lombardi Energy has built their business on customer loyalty, referrals and by providing unparalleled and quality customer services. Over the past 60 years we have established deep community support of local organizations and businesses. Lombardi Energy is available to its regular accounts for peace of mind 365 days of the year. Homeowners choose Lombardi Energy for their delivery of safe, reliable, quality and forward-thinking services.