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Why Is It Important to Get a Fall Heating Tune-up?

heating service massachusettsAs autumn approaches, it’s important to start thinking about scheduling your heater tune-up. Most people remember their heater’s health only when the weather begins cooling down, but it can pay to plan ahead, especially if you can beat the winter rush in Massachusetts or New Hampshire for heater tune-up appointments.

Stay Warm in Your Home This Winter

Nobody wants their heater to go out during the colder months when technicians are the busiest and extra blankets on the beds just won’t cut it. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common for homeowners who skip their yearly heater tune-up, and depending on what the problem is, it could take days to order necessary parts for a heater repair.

Catch Any Malfunction Before It Gets Worse – And Costlier

When it comes to a potential heating system repair, the earlier the problem can be identified and addressed, the simpler – and more cost-effective – the fix will be. A fall HVAC tune-up can catch minor problems before additional damage occurs. In fact, a routine inspection and tune-up can prevent some types of damage altogether by making sure the system is clean and works smoothly, ultimately extending the life of your furnace or boiler.

Keep Your Heating Costs Down This Season With a Heater Tune-up

A properly-tuned furnace works more efficiently, which helps keep energy costs down. Replacing the air filter, cleaning the condenser coils, and making sure the lubrication is adequate, for instance, allow the airflow to move with less obstruction, requiring less energy force.

Improve Air Quality for a Healthier Home

Heater components work best when they are clean and not worn. Tuning up your heating system in the fall means that your furnace or boiler’s performance – as well as the air quality in your home – will be at its finest, just as cold and virus season ramps up. Ensuring that your heater is properly filtering the air circulating in your home is especially important for households that suffer from asthma or allergies, since a dirty or clogged heater spreads dust, dander and other irritants around your home.

Safety Precautions Bring Peace of Mind

Not only can a dirty, rundown heater cost homeowners’ money and leave them cold, it can also be dangerous. House fires, carbon monoxide leaks, electrical issues, and other dangers can arise from an improperly maintained heating system.

Don’t forget to schedule a tune-up for your heater this fall with Lombardi Energy & Gas. Our courteous, friendly technicians with enhanced skills and knowledge training want to help your family stay safe and comfortable this coming season.