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The Benefits of Natural Gas Home Appliances

Installation & Service on the North Shore

appliance installation Byfield, ma If you follow the news, you may have heard that they are banning gas stoves in states like New York and California. The truth is that those bans only apply to new constructions. No one is being forced to give up their gas stove. And while there is a similar bill proposed in Massachusetts, again, it only applies to eliminating the installation of gas stoves in new constructions. That means no one is coming to take your gas stove (or any gas appliance) out of your current home.

In response to the gas bans in effect and those being proposed, Tucker Perkins, president of PERC (Propane Education & Research Council), had this to say, “Rather than gas bans, states should focus on natural gas supply chains and mitigate potential hazards…. This, along with proper installation, ventilation, and yearly checkups by qualified technicians constitutes a common-sense approach to addressing health and safety concerns around gas appliances.”

Reasons to Choose Natural Gas

Furthermore, there are many benefits to having natural gas home appliances.

With a new high-efficiency gas heating system, you’ll enjoy the following benefits immediately:

  • Better comfort control
  • Better efficiency
  • Decreased likelihood of a breakdown
  • Improved operating safety
  • Increased equipment longevity
  • Increased property value
  • Lower emissions
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Superior air flow

Natural gas offers some additional advantages. In addition to providing efficient and comfortable home heating, it can power appliances like water heaters and clothes dryers more efficiently than electricity. And it offers you precise temperature control when cooking.

Why Convert to Natural Gas?

Natural Gas offers your Massachusetts or New Hampshire home a number of benefits over alternatives like electricity.

  1. Natural gas offers efficient and comfortable home heating. And if you have an oil-fired boiler of furnace that’s more than 15 years old, converting to natural gas for home heating should save you money on your home heating costs while keeping everyone in your household comfortably warm during the winter.
  2. When it comes to water heaters powered by natural gas versus their electric counterparts, natural gas water heaters offer water heating that is faster, more energy efficient, and more affordable.
  3. Natural gas is the choice of most professional chefs. And with good reason. A natural gas range provides instant and precise temperature control. A natural gas oven produces food that is more moist and less likely to dry out. A natural gas oven also overs more even heating.
  4. Natural gas fireplaces generate cozy warmth and ambiance without all the work and mess of a wood fireplace. Imagine having all that at the flip of a switch or push of a button!
  5. Natural gas clothes dryers work 25% faster than their electric counterparts. So you can spend less time doing household chores. They also leave you with fewer wrinkles in your clothes. So you won’t have to spend as much time and energy ironing.

Natural Gas Services

Lombardi Energy is here to help make your North Shore home as comfortable as possible. We staff highly trained technicians who are licensed and experienced in a wide variety of areas when it comes to natural gas services for your home.

Lombardi Energy handles natural gas installation, maintenance, and natural gas conversion. If you want to have or already have a natural gas system in your home, come to Lombardi Energy.

Natural Gas Appliance Installation

At Lombardi Energy, we strive to offer the most energy-efficient equipment and approaches possible. To that end, we offer professional natural gas installation of gas-fired boilers, furnaces, water heaters, and heat pumps.

Getting a Natural Gas System Checklist

When you’re ready for a new natural gas system, Lombardi makes it simple. Here are the steps:

  1. You contact us for a free consultation on a new system.
  2. We’ll determine the solution that best fits your North Shore home and budget.
  3. Once you select your new equipment, we will schedule our experienced team to install the system as efficiently as possible.
  4. We’ll get your new system up and running. Note: the job is not complete until you’re completely satisfied.

Lombardi Energy Delivers Comfort

Lombardi Energy delivers comfort in Amesbury, Byfield, Merrimac, Newbury, Newburyport, Salisbury, Seabrook, West Newbury, and the surrounding areas in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Let us help you with your natural gas equipment. We’re here to conduct installations, maintenance, and conversions as well as answer your questions and offer solutions.

Contact Lombardi Energy today for timely, reliable, and friendly service.